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Patient Reviews

  • Thanks so much. I’m somewhat of a “tough sell” but came away hopeful.

    - Lynn M.
  • Dr. Davis was awesome. I could tell a difference in my pain and the ability to move.

    - Suann K.
  • I appreciate the feedback relating to my concerns. I feel much better already after the first visit as well!

    - Jason P.
  • I am so happy I went. Thank you for the great care

    - Robyn M.
  • Need more cards! Can’t wait to tell more people about you! Thank you!

    - Jenny P.
  • All very cordial and nice and best of all, I feel better.

    - Jimmy
  • I feel like Dr. Davis was exceptionally thorough with his explanation of what my situation is, and the exam was very good as well I have high hopes that he can help me.

    - Chris H.
  • Love the office environment, Yvonne was very friendly, Dr. Davis was very informative. Thank you for caring about your patients.

    - Ginger W.
  • Loved my adjustment and Dr Davis was great and got out on time.

    - Liz M.
  • Very refreshing. Professional, courteous, and I felt the genuine concern for my health with absolutely no BS.

    - Joe A.
  • Thank you for taking time to answer all my questions and putting me at ease. This is truly a great experience.

    - Arwen M.
  • Appreciated him telling me what would be taking place, and explaining the process before the procedure.

    - Jan J.
  • I was extremely satisfied with the overall experience. I have already recommended him to co-workers and family members since my visit on Sat. My overall experience was excellent.

    - Susan C.
  • Professional, experienced and wonderful bedside manner.

    - Adele H.
  • Thank you for being so accommodating with me having a little one there. I felt very at ease.

    - Amanda W.
  • Would recommend Dr. Davis to friends.

    - Christy N.
  • I was amazed at the ease of seeing Dr. Davis.

    - Marty W.
  • Dr. Davis was amazing and was able to see me right away. I have hope and I am feeling so much better.

    - Vicky G.
  • Overall, I had an excellent first time experience. I felt comfortable in the capable hands of the staff. Look forward to my next appointment.

    - Michelle H.
  • Great experience and great people!

    - Trevor H.
  • You are the best chiropractor I’ve ever had. My back doesn’t hurt anymore.


    - Joan D.
  • In only one visit my pain has gotten better. Of course Dr. Ralph is the absolute best.

    - Tommy A.

Really Listened

Dr Davis made me feel right at ease. He was open and receptive to the holistic methods I have tried and really listened to my concerns. I look forward to my continued treatment with Dr Davis. -Ashley G.

Very Impressed

I was very impressed with his knowledge and his years of experience. He is just the chiropractor that I have been looking for and needed to help me. -Anne M.

Same Day Appointment

Everyone was personable and friendly. I was greatly appreciative to be seen the same day I called, particularly as a new patient. The visit was thorough, but without being pushy or making more out of my current condition than there really is. I was thankful that I received an adjustment on the first visit to begin to address the cause of the pain. I have been to other practices in the past that do a lot of testing and no helping for the first visit and you have to wait until the second visit for any relief. Realistically, if you’ve called a chiropractor, then you are probably in pain to some degree and putting off the treatment because you spend an hour or two doing tests doesn’t ease your pain. Fortunately, Dr. Davis quickly, but thoroughly checked for the root of the problem and gave me an adjustment to begin providing the relief I was seeking. The price was very reasonable. I’m glad I went and would definitely recommend Dr. Davis and his staff. -Kevin M.

So Grateful

My first visit exceeded my expectations! I am so grateful for the referral received from my massage therapist. I know that I am in the best place to receive the care that I need. -Karen W.


I am impressed with the explanation I received about how chiropractic works, why it can be so successful and how I am seeing some improvement in the first two sessions that I have had. Now I understand why friends over the years have been so pleased with the care that they have received. I am glad I finally decided to experience it for myself. -Mary M.

A Difference Straight Away

I could tell a difference as soon as I left. As I work through the day, I can feel the adjustment un-adjusting, so I am confident you guys can help. Looking forward to next visit. -Ellis M.

A Careful Listener

What a great practice! Dr. Davis listened and talked me through the adjustment. I was very apprehensive about changing chiropractors after 18 years…but now I’m thinking I should have changed years ago!!! I was very impressed, and that no easy task. -Kaye H.

Looking Forward to Better Health

I am very excited to continue treatment with Dr. Ralph and feel confident that I can look forward to improved health, based on his years of experience. I appreciated his technique and how he carefully explained everything he was doing, including my current condition. Also, he was very knowledgeable about natural healing remedies, which is very valuable to me. -Patti H.


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