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Reviews for Dr. Ralph Davis, Chiropractor

  • Dr. Ralph and Missy were so friendly and helpful. I’m looking forward to getting my sciatica problem resolved!

    - Carla S.
  • I am confident that I will get well under Dr. Davis’ care!

    - Claudia E.
  • My visit was a pleasant experience. I can’t wait for my next visit!

    - Delsandra W.
  • This was my very first chiropractor treatment in my life and it was wonderful. No pain, no stress, no issues whatsoever. Dr. Davis is a blessing.

    - James B.
  • Finally I found a chiropractor that provides the specific adjustment I needed, rather than a generic back cracking.

    - Crystal S.
  • Absolutely awesome first visit. I actually felt relief immediately!

    - Daryl T.
  • Dr. Ralph Davis is a great listener and overall caring person! I would recommend him to anyone without any reservations!!

    - Lee R.
  • Kindness, caring, and professional service.

    - Lee Ann K.
  • I felt very at ease and comfortable.

    - Drusilla N.
  • I had a wonderful experience with my Chiropractic care from Dr. Ralph.

    - Leslie B.
  • Dr. Davis was exceptional with telling me what was going on

    - Eddie W.
  • After my first visit Dr Davis was a tremendous help with the discomfort I was having. It was awesome to become apart of this practice. I was given confidence in my healing.

    - Gina S.
  • Great experience and I believe Dr. Davis will help me with my issue!

    - Suzanne P.
  • I was so scared because I never done this before. But Dr. Ralph made me feel very comfortable. He was just so gentle with me and he explained every move he was going to make.

    - Deletha B.
  • Dr. Davis and Missy are extraordinary!! So helpful and patient not only with me but my 7 week old son that came with me to my visit. I would recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic therapy.

    - Angela J.
  • Thank y’all for treating Joyce and me like family!

    - Fred S.
  • I was quite nervous on my first visit but thank you to Dr. Davis for calming my fears.

    - Pat W.
  • Excellent service. Dr Ralph listened to me and my concerns. Really good service.

    - Jesus M.
  • Thank you for being so welcoming and helpful with my toddler. You guys are the best! I’ve been telling everyone about my awesome experience since!

    - Ashley D.
  • I was very hesitant about coming to a chiropractor. I have always had fears. Dr.Davis was wonderful explaining everything that was happening and my experience was great

    - Jennifer C.
  • Very nice and informing visit. Would highly recommend to others

    - Susan C.
  • Good to know I don’t have to drive to Marietta to find a good doctor of chiropractic.

    - David D.
  • My visit was very good. I’m excited to continue my health journey with Dr. Davis and I’m so thankful to have found him for my care.

    - Kasie S.
  • My first visit was a wonderful experience.

    - Mary D.

Very Educational

Thank you Dr. Davis. My first visit was very educational. Thank you for taking time to explain what the possible causes of my aches and pains could be. I appreciate the supplement recommendation. The adjustments you made to my back feel great. I look forward to my next visit.

-Cindy F.

Feeling Better

Dr. Davis made me feel totally comfortable and welcome. The information given was easy to understand. I walked out feeling better than when I walked in and can’t wait to go back. Thank y’all so much.

-Tricia S.

Great Experience

This was my first visit to his office. He came highly recommended by a friend. He thoroughly explains everything while setting you at ease. Great experience.

-Stacy P.

Beyond Confident

I am beyond confident of Dr Ralph’s 3-week wellness plan. I will have my back issues put in check, within a couple weeks. No doubt, I will be better than ever! Thank you, good Sir!

-Tara F.

Feeling So Much Better

Thank you Dr. Davis! I’m feeling so much better this evening! I’m looking forward to my future visits! God bless you and your staff!

-Angelia P.

I Found My Chiropractor For Life

I felt completely comfortable and at ease with Dr. Davis. He was kind and so very knowledgeable. He made it very clear that he wanted to listen to me and work as a team. He trusted what I said about my body and didn’t dismiss anything. He broke everything down for me to understand. I ask a lot of questions, and he answered them with no frustration at all. I have found my chiropractor for life.

-Meredith C.

I Thought The Pain Is Part Of Aging

Sometimes when you think of Chiropractic health people make you feel like it is an optional part of your health and to dangerous to fool with. But in reality it is a needed part of your health. The benefits of being properly explained what this affects when not taken care of are important and Dr. Davis does that he gives you the information you need to understand your body. If your a little reluctant to see a Chiropractor he can certainly calm your fears and help you see why you need to take care of this part of your body. I know my experience is rare but on the first visit I feel different where I had pain I thought would just be part of aging it has gotten less already. It takes more than one visit to feel your best but I can tell a difference already. I felt more energy during my workout and less pain in my neck, back, and hip then I had been feeling. I was pushing through my workout in spite of the pain. Today I got more strength training stations done because those problem areas were not hurting as soon as I finished my walking. Probably because I was not so much out of alignment as I could have been. I do however thank those two ladies who urged me to seek Dr. Davis help with my pain. They were right. Thank you Dr. Davis.

-Bobbie B.

Looking Forward to Next Visit

Dr. Ralph Davis is great! This was my first time going to a chiropractor and he explained why he was doing everything as my adjustment went on. He was very informative and friendly. Looking forward to going back for my next adjustment!

-Kaitlyn S.

Look Forward to My Next Visit

Everyone in the office was friendly and helpful. Dr. Davis took plenty of time to listen to me and to explain the kind of treatment that I needed. His expertise was certainly evident as he adjusted my spine. We are fortunate to have him in our city, and I look forward to my next visit.
-Sharlon C.

Very Impressed!

I was very impressed with my first visit. Dr. Davis is very knowledgeable and the staff was very welcoming. I will definitely recommend Dr. Davis to anyone.
-Caleb L.

A Refreshing Pleasure

It was a refreshing pleasure to find out Dr. Davis was as progressive as he is with his use of new technology that helps to zero in on problems. I was not expecting to see someone who was obviously at the “top of the heap” of his Chiropractic profession but was pleased to hear it.
-Mark F.

Immediate Relief

I am no stranger to chiropractors. At my very first visit, Dr Ralph immediately located three problem areas and made adjustment corrections. I had immediate and ongoing relief. I’m so pleased!
-Gingerlou F.

I Felt Understood & Cared For

I am absolutely thrilled that I was given your name. Not only is the price right, but the true concern and willingness to help my issues were over the top. From getting me into an earlier appointment to reading my MRI to get know about my condition, to explain the process, I felt understood and cared for. The atmosphere of your office is fun, kind, and generous. You are true care providers and I look forward to my journey in healing with you. God bless you, Yvonne and Dr. Davis! Thank you for serving us in this community.
-Judith A.

Wonderful Service

Dr. Ralph Davis gave me a consultation about 16 or 17 months ago after I injured my back. I’m a hairstylist so we have chronic back problems. I went to see him to get a second opinion and his honesty was so refreshing. I treat my clients with this kind of honesty and it’s very difficult to find these days as most are all about your money. So it was so nice to be on the receiving end of honest, friendly service. He realized my injury was beyond what he could do for me and referred me to the proper doctor. I never forgot how I was treated. I am now able to return to chiropractic care and I went directly to him first. I received the same wonderful service and they still had me on file. I highly recommend him and my clients do too!
-Misti H.


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