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Our Chiropractic Techniques & Services

“Ready to feel your best? Let’s get started.”

“I’ll choose adjusting technique(s) for you based on your condition, needs and preferences. I employ gentle, manual techniques that are effective and can help you find relief and maintain great health.”

Chiropractic Care

Newnan Chiropractic Adjusting Tables

Dr. Davis uses gentle adjusting techniques

Thompson Drop Table Technique. “I’ve been fortunate enough to learn the Thompson Drop Table Technique from Dr. Thompson himself! What a pleasure and what a fantastic technique. In most cases, this is my preferred technique because it’s very gentle and extremely effective.

The Thompson Technique employs a segmented drop table that makes for a very gentle adjustment. The table flexes when adjustments are applied, and this motion enhances the effectiveness of the adjustment to the needed area.

Pediatrics. Dr. Ralph also specializes in the Webster Technique, used for helping pregnant women. Dr. Ralph also holds a certification in chiropractic pediatrics, as he loves caring for family members of all ages.

“My youngest patient was less than a day old, and it was my pleasure to help give this little baby the best foundation for a healthy life. If this seems a bit  surprising, I can’t wait to explain and tell you more about how I  adjust my tiniest patients.”

Finding the Right Doctor For You. “Your best interest is my priority. And, if you’re looking for a technique that I don’t specialize in, or want care for a workers compensation claim or an auto injury, I’m more than happy to refer to you a trusted doctor who can help.”

“Why? Because I really want you to have the tools you need to heal and feel your best. And, if a doctor down the road has more therapies for your auto injury, I want you to have those available to you.”


Bipolar Infrared Thermography. “I believe in providing holistic chiropractic care to relieve you from your pain as quickly as I can.” This is the reason why Dr. Ralph emphasizes a thermography scan on most visits. The scan helps identify the underlying cause of your pain by showing exactly what area needs work, and it monitors changes and tracks your progress.

“Patients walk in my door excited to see what their scan looks like. It’s really a great educational tool as well as it helps make me even more efficient.”

Give me a call so we can talk more about the way chiropractic care works.”

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