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Meet Dr. Ralph Davis

Dr. Ralph Davis has over 30 years of experience in chiropractic care and he’s ready to help you next!

Migraines Led Me To My Greatest Passion and Career

Newnan Chiropractor, Dr. Ralph Davis

Dr. Ralph Davis

“I was the first person in my family to visit a chiropractor. When I started suffering from migraine headaches at age 15 I consulted a doctor and he prescribed me some medicines that were able to control the pain but only for a temporary period.”

It was during Dr. Ralph’s under grad years that he first heard about chiropractic. “I was studying to be a teacher and one day a classmate of mine saw my discomfort, and suggested that I should see his chiropractor.”

“I hadn’t even heard the term before. I called up my mother and asked her if she had any knowledge, but unfortunately, she didn’t have an idea either. But I took a chance on a new way of healing and wow did it pay off…”

Dr. Ralph saw the chiropractor his classmate suggested and found relief in just two weeks. “My headaches were less frequent and within a year, they completely vanished. It was so incredible.”

My Chiropractic Journey

“It was my chiropractor that suggested that I make chiropractic a career. And after talking to him, I finally understood how chiropractic care benefits people through natural healing. That’s when I changed my major and decided to go for chiropractic. And here I am now.”

“I completed my chiropractic education at Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina. I was surprised with the level of passion chiropractors have for the wellness of those around them. They were extremely committed to excel in their respective fields and really make a difference in this world.”

“I feel the same way, too. I have a sense of mission, purpose and passion that drives me everyday.”

  • I feel better after my first visit, that was amazing!!

    - Yaowalak P.
  • Dr. Davis and Missy were very friendly and helpful, with great attitude and customer service. Dr. Davis wants to make sure you know exactly what to expect and are comfortable with the treatment. He wants your feedback, how refreshing. He’s our new Doc!

    - Kevin K.
  • Very nice and helpful. Will be going back. 

    - Darlene C.
  • I had a great visit. The dr. was welcoming and explained everything I should expect.

    - Patty W.
  • Excellent overall experience, great “office personality”.

    - Dan M.
  • Thank you for a great and informative first visit! I look forward to getting better!

    - Jennifer R.
  • Dr Davis was attentive to me and my children. His office is very clean. He smiles and makes eye contact. He looks trustworthy. He’s very knowledgeable!

    - Ada O.
  • My wife and daughter recommended you to me. Excellent knowledge of Profession. Thank You so much.

    - Barry T.
  • In a time of fearfulness due to long term neck and back pain, Dr. Ralph helped me feel confidant and positive about the outcome of my situation.


    - Kasey B.
  • I and my family really appreciate Dr. Davis’ approach and excellent adjustment! He listened and zeroed in on exactly what we needed. Our family is so happy we found him!

    - Linda K.
  • Great experience at this office will recommend to as many parents as possible. You will leave with a smile.

    - Jason B.
  • My 1st visit was a great experience! I left feeling better and able to turn my neck with easy instead of pain. Dr. Ralph and Missy were both very nice and made my 1st appointment comfortable.

    - Kimberly E.
  • Dr. Davis has the best table side manners of any Chiropractor I have visited.

    - Lou R.
  • Super friendly and helpful. Great experience overall. I highly recommend Dr. Ralph!

    - Roy M.
  • I had a wonderful experience with my Chiropractic care from Dr. Ralph.

    - Leslie B.
  • Excellent, caring and knowledgeable!

    - Govinda G.
  • Loved meeting Dr Davis and staff! Friendly, professional and does not make shallow promises concerning his ability to help my current situation, through I am confident he will do his best!

    - Ginny B.
  • We are glad to have Dr. Davis in Newnan.

    - Bob H.
  • Dr Ralph Davis was great. He explained everything he was doing before he did it. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    - Brandon H.
  • Very thankful for the knowledge of Dr. Davis! He pinpointed the source of my pain in less than 3 minutes! Looking forward to getting stronger and stronger! Good job Dr.Davis!

    - Michele D.
  • Thank you for helping me not be in pain all the time, anymore!

    - Rebecca S.
  • I was very pleased.I enjoyed the visit and not only do I sense that the Doctor really cares, he appears to be very gifted at his craft. I am truly thankful that I was introduced to Dr. Davis.

    - Brian V.
  • I’m so thankful I found Dr. Davis. After several months of being in pain I felt relief the same day. I look forward to my next visit.

    - Alice D.
  • The Doctor is straight forward and honest and you can tell that he cares about his patients.

    - Gibson R.
  • Dr Ralph was awesome! I’ll never go anywhere else!!

    - Sarahi R.
  • Dr. Davis was very personable and appeared very knowledgeable. I feel confident I will improve under his care.

    - Kim L.
  • Dr Davis is extremely friendly and reassuring. His office just has an aura of happiness, its wonderful!

    - Peggy H.
  • Dr. Ralph is incredible! He was not only incredibly knowledgeable, but extremely pleasant and warm. I will recommend him to all friends and family.

    - Philip K.
  • Dr. Davis was uplifting and caring. I’m going to love going to him.

    - Filomena D.
  • Dr. Davis was very thorough in his explanation of the spinal column and how it affects other body parts.

    - Myra S.
  • Dr Ralph is so personable and caring.

    - Nicole C.

A Love for Family and Community

“I’ve been happily married since 1983. My wife also works in the healthcare field. We are both very active in our local church. We love theater and art and most of our charitable work goes for the support of various arts organizations in and around the community.”

“I love music and play a few instruments in my leisure time. I also enjoy reading books when I am not practicing.  And we spend time with our two dogs, Sadie and Buddy.”

“Thanks for getting to know me. Now it’s my turn to get to know you so that I can help you.”
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